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5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1) Early on, I supported myself by designing clothing, which sold because it tended to enhance people's looks. The design of this blog is...

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Latest tech of 2019

Technology is one of the things that has never been stagnant. There is constant change and development when it comes to technology. Most of...

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5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1) Early on, I supported myself by designing clothing, which sold because it tended to enhance people's looks. The design of this blog is...

Make your WordPress blog a real website

While WordPress is great blogging software, I find that it (like many blogs out there) lacks some basic features that could make it more...

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7 Ways to Make Your Website More Interesting and Lovely and The Example on Sbobet Agent Website

It’s no longer the time to have a website that is the same or similar to other websites. As time changes, trends in internet marketing also change rapidly. To communicate effectively in a developed market, you must be able to create unique ideas that can be applied effectively. When you want to create your website, you need to know some of the trends that exist among the world’s web designers that can make your website more unique and interesting.
  1. Adaptive / Responsive Web Design
In today’s world, the most important approach for websites is responsive design. This will allow your website to be seen and function properly on mobile devices, tablets, and various types of computers. The basic approach is limited to 2 versions of the same site, namely mobile and desktop. While this new adaptive feature can automatically match the screen size and function on any device. In using adaptive and responsive website with many button but in simple size image also slider updating on every month, This may affect to user with low bandwith to open the website easily.
  1. Typography
Nowadays typography is an important part of web design. The Verdana and Arial fonts have long been deprecated but there are still very many uses. Now using unique fonts and creative designs is very important. Because typography is an important element of every website design, you need to consider all options and be smart in choosing attractive fonts. Typography is one of the important elements to create a unique website, so don’t ignore the current trends and ease of use of fonts.
  1. Fixed Menus and Content
Fixed Menu (a menu with a fixed position when scrolled) and content that has remained a trend that is very popular at this time. This function is used on menus or buttons, usually, the main navigation stays in position when you scroll the page. This increases the usability of navigation items or social media buttons which are always available wherever you are on a particular page.
  1. Simple Design Are Better
Minimalist website design helps you get rid of unnecessary site elements. A simple but creative and intelligent design is usually more effective in providing detailed information without any obstructions. Limiting colors and text and just creating a unique and smart layout that represents the core features of the website will certainly add value to the website. For Example, Many betting online website also using the simple design for their website. It can look from the page of form registration.
  1. Better use others than Adobe Flash
As we know, Adobe Flash used to be the standard in making interactions and animations on websites. That was, however, CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript are now smarter choices to give your website a more dynamic experience. So if you want to add animation to your website, search on Google and surely you will find javascript / jquery plugins that can help you make more functionality for it.
  1. Use Video To make your website attractive
Video on your website if done correctly will certainly give your website visitors a better experience. Making short, unique, and interesting videos is a great way to present content rather than forcing visitors to read content on your website. This video can sometimes communicate to provide information with visitors better than what is done by the text, so this can add more value to your website. Putting a short video on the background is also very beautiful to look at.
  1. Full Page Background
Using a full background page can give your website visitors a better viewing experience. Using high-quality images and artwork can no doubt make your website a pleasant place for the eyes. Smart organizing and authentic images in your gallery and portfolio will also enrich the value of the website. Second, after typography, high-quality images are very important to create a website that is well designed and unique. Furthermore, skeuomorphism is an effective trend that makes the impression of visiting a website become like real-world experience. Skeumorph makes images look exactly like real objects. so, whatever your product uses skeuomorphism will add up to make the online experience more realistic.

Basic Things To Concentrate To Improve The SEO Ranking For Gambling Website

Online gambling business success can be achieved with the help of seo ranking and you will need to make sure that you are following the right steps for getting higher in the search engine result pages. Therefore you will need to improve the Google ranking so that your betting platform website will gain higher visibility and popularity among internet users. Keyword optimization is important for improving casino website ranking, but you will also need to know the basics things to concentrate to improve the seo ranking. Soccer betting website like is some example of many sbobet agent that perfectly optimized for their user experience. It is important that you get internet users to stay on the website and interact with the content that will eventually help in to boost the ranking of the website. ranking of the website You will need to improve the usability as well as user experience of the website and for this you will need to optimize your business website for the users who will use search engines for looking for any specific products or services. This is the best way of generating leads for your business and hence you will need to keep up with latest developments in Google algorithm so that you will get the amount of traffic that you are looking for. It is also important to optimize your website so that you will get more traffic and it will enable you to get more sales and leads from your online business endeavors.  Basic things to concentrate to improve the seo ranking Keywords selection and placement- you will need to do proper research with regards to keyword selection as it is considered as the most important part of your SEO campaign. Rather than using a vague keyword, you will need to opt for a specific keyword that will help you get higher quality leads that will eventually lead to your business success.   Improved website usability- the usability of the website encompasses many different elements of website design that you will need to concentrate on because it affect the ranking of the website directly. It includes the efficiency, effectiveness, error prevention, Memorability and Learnability of the website. High quality content- updating your website with high quality content on a regular basis is very important for the success of your business as it also helps in improving the ranking of the website. Adding engaging, informative and interesting content will give your present and potential customers a reason to visit your website again so that they can make actual purchase. Hence you will need to make sure that your content is recent, relevant and high quality so that more internet users will spend more time on your website
Images optimization– the images and pictures that you add in your website plays an important role in the ranking of your website and hence you need to make sure that the images are optimized properly. But you should never go for large sized images as it can slow down the webpage loading time and it will eventually hurt the ranking of your website. You can also use keywords strategically with the images along with attractive description and caption so that it will appeal to the masses.   High Quality Links- Links are crucial to make sure that you are getting the right SEO ranking. There are three kinds of links Inbound, outbound and Internal links. These links have a specific role to play to help ensure authority. Linking can also help you tie up pages together for both Google as well as the visitors. 

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1) Early on, I supported myself by designing clothing, which sold because it tended to enhance people’s looks. The design of this blog is based on my favorite clothing (and lipstick) colors. At least, they were my favorites before the Web landed in full force in my awareness and I forgot about everything else. (2) I once fixed my husband with my eye and declared, “All girls need a French writing desk.” To which he replied: “I know.” 🙂 (3) While I was moderating the VirtualPromote/JimWorld SearchEngineForums Site Review Please! forum back in the ’90s, I was also the unidentified administrator known as “Mother” — a concoction by Jim that I think he thought was “cute” — and by the time I invited Oilman to moderate, Brett had already snagged him for Webmaster World. This happened a few times, including losing littleman due to timing. And — I know who Stepmother was. As do some of you.
(4) Easily bored, I can relate to the Bob Dylan line, “I just can’t sit” — which in my mind somehow doesn’t conflict with long hours of sitting at the computer, but does mean that just doing “nothing” makes me antsy and I have to have at least a couple of things to do even on “breaks”. Luckily, computer games like Mahjong and Jixxa puzzles (turn any image into a puzzle) save me. I, of course, don’t characterize this as “doing nothing” — in fact, years ago, I used the Jixxa puzzles to train myself to recognize minute variances in color. And now I’m just ::cough:: polishing my skills. That explanation works, doesn’t it? Well, it’s true. (5) Our cat Sammy, our loyal friend for most of his 21 years, is the main reason I don’t go much of anywhere. Thing is, almost every time we’ve left him in someone else’s care, something bad has happened, and I feel that his kind of loyalty should not be rewarded with more bad things happening. I actually didn’t attend the first JimWorld conference even though Mikkel pestered me to do so. And declined a speaking engagement at Lennart Svanberg’s Internet Marketing Conference for the same reason. And then Lennart just stopped asking. But I’ve determined that I will somehow show up at Danny Sullivan’s new conference. I do need to get out some.

Make your WordPress blog a real website

While WordPress is great blogging software, I find that it (like many blogs out there) lacks some basic features that could make it more usable — that is, what I call a real website. That people can use. Of course, all this is strictly In My Opinion. But hey.

Gotta have menus on all pages:

Uh … I don’t even know what to say about this. The WordPress folks, in their wisdom, have seen fit to remove menu links (or the “navbar”, if you will) from permalink pages (that’s single.php). I fix that right away. Web pages are supposed to have menu links to other pages of the site. End of story. Turn Category and archive pages into tables of contents: By default, WordPress displays entire posts on what it calls the “archive” pages (category and monthly pages, etc.). That eventually means that those pages will be too long — so, on those pages, WP limits the number of posts to the number you’ve chosen to display on your home page (who knew that little secret?) and surrounds them with annoying previous/next links to yet more archive pages with a limited number of posts and previous/next links — follow them and you eventually wonder where you are.
This “feature” also means that posts are displayed in full on their respective permalink pages, Category pages, Monthly, Daily and Yearly pages, and maybe on the home page too. Geez, Louise and hello duplicate content! A post should only be displayed on the home page (temporarily) and the permalink page (single.php). And archive pages should simply display a list of titles (with, perhaps, excerpts of the posts). Period. (2) To display all titles in Category and archive pages: Even if you do the above, WordPress is *still* only going to display a limited number of titles/links on archive pages. Michael Read has saved us from this WP limitation with his most excellent but geekily-named Custom Query String plugin. Download it, upload it, activate it, and customize your settings in the WP control panel — and display all your post titles in their respective Category and other archive pages.

Site Map:

Aha. One of the more annoying aspects of most blog software is the inability to get an overview of just what is on the site. At one glance. Not only do I not want to travel around in circles trying to find out what the author has written, but I don’t want to poke around from one category to the next. Let’s see a site map, yes? For WordPress 2.0.x (and up, I think), we have Aleister’s DagonDesigns SiteMap Generator. I wrote about how to implement it here and am using it here. => I am terribly sad that Narchives has not yet (to my knowledge) been updated to work with WP2.0.x. Narchives was short for “Nicer Sortable Archives” — a sitemap that allows users to display listings by date, category or title. Very handy. Even for me on my own blogs. <grin> Someone attempted to update it, but I couldn’t get it to work properly. I wish for this …

Recent Posts:

As a companion to the site map, the WordPress wiki’s Recent Posts hack allows you to display a list of your most recent posts on your home page. Far better than an “Earlier Posts” link on the home page … taking you to a page with a limited number of posts and Earlier/Later links and … (anyone see a pattern here?). Just plunk the code into your myhacks.php page and upload it, enable legacy my-hacks.php file support (in Options > Reading), slip a little code into your template, and it’ll display links to your most recent posts. It’s configurable: if you’re displaying five posts on your home page, you can set it to display links to post #6 on, up to the number you specify. Mine’s at the bottom of the home page here.

Recent Comments:

arrive at your favorite blog wondering if there are ongoing discussions about earlier posts? Brian’s Latest Comments plugin from Brian Meidell offers just that functionality. Download it, upload and enable it, create a new page where you’ll add a little of Brian’s code, and there you are. A link to mine is here.

Removing Nofollow:

No fan of nofollow, for the first time in WP2.0.x, I was unable to remove it — but found Dean Edwards’ Nofollow Remover Plugin quite excellent. Throw the code into your my-hacks.php file, upload it to your WordPress root, enable legacy my-hacks.php file support (Options > Miscellaneous), and you’re done.  

Future Technology And The Jobs They Will Create

Technology is evolving every day and new opportunities open with each step taken towards the future. New inventions are popping up around the world, which is enabling faster change and progress in the lives of people creating the technology as well as the people using it. Technology-based careers evolve with the introduction to new things. Only the roles will change, which will require constant learning of new things whether or not people are ready to do it. Here is the top next generation of technologies which are going to change the way we work.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has grown significantly in the past decade and received tremendous attention. It continues to grow in our lives, as the technology can be seen in our homes, workplaces and even vehicles. Developers are also implementing AI in machine learning. It is being used to mimic humans for performing tasks which require a lot of labour. AI can perform the same tasks with more precision at a faster rate. Automation is a heated topic which predicts the elimination of 73 million jobs by 2030. Machine learning is the future of big industries and will result in job loss. However, it is also said to create new jobs, and by 2020, AI is predicted to create 23 million jobs in development, programming, testing, support, and maintenance.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is another technology which is said to be responsible for automation. RPA is the use of software for processing the storage and transaction of important data. It will help people in performing repetitive tasks faster than human workers. All kinds of management work can be handled by RPA. Learning the technology of RPA can offer several career opportunities, including developer, project manager, business analyst, solution architect, and consultant.


Since the beginning cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology has come in the picture for providing the best solutions for security. Blockchain is described as a data which can not be changed or taken away but only added to. It makes a neverending chain of data which cannot be altered, making it secure. Due to its high security, it is used for cryptocurrencies and protecting important information for banks and firms. Experts believe that the blockchain technology is one of the fastest-growing categories for jobs, and we are already behind in filling up the spaces for blockchain developers.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing Cloud computing is another mainstream technology which is specially meant for businesses and industries. Amazon, Oracle, Google are some of the giants in running cloud computing in the world. With more and more businesses opting for cloud computing for their management solutions, cloud computing is already established technology. With Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon has launched over 165 products and working on new projects every day. With so many software in the market, it is difficult to maintain cloud computing. Hence Edge computing was designed to solve those problems. Edge computing can work like mini datacenters to serve small processes. It is said to grow with the increase of Internet of Things(IoT), and the market is said to reach $7 Billion by 2022.              

Why Should You Make a Progressive Web Application (PWA)

PWA is a growing technology in recent years which is said to be an upgrade in the field of the internet. After websites and native mobile apps, PWA is the next big step towards a faster user interface and rich functionality. However, PWAs have limited features as of now and have reported consuming more battery than native apps. So why is it still a good idea today to create a PWA instead of making native apps and websites? Here are the reasons why you should make a progressive web application.

PWA is compatible

You do not need to go through the process of making the application compatible with different operating systems as it runs completely based in the browsers. At present Google is introducing PWAs and any device which supports Chrome can automatically run the PWA. The developers can skip the step of creating a unique application for each OS and can use that time in improving the quality of the app. You do not need any kind of permission from Android or iOS to launch your application. If you can host it on the internet, is can be operated in any device through a web browser. A progressive web applications allow you to create an experience which is greatly appreciated by the customer
  • Reliable: Having a PWA makes sure that you have a reliable network conditions. They also make sure that you have offline functionality as well.
  • Responsive: A responsive PWA makes sure that the website can easily adapt to the different sizes which can ensure that you have the right user experience.
  • Secure: By default, PWAs are secured to ensure they work well for you.

No device limits

An application needs to be device friendly, and a developer needs to keep several factors in mind, including space and RAM required to run the app. PWAs can work smoothly on any device irrespective of its limitations. One can use the app on mobile, tablet or desktop with the same speed and quality. This feature allows the users a flawless experience while the developers can keep their customers satisfied with a smooth interaction which sometimes becomes a problem if a user’s device doesn’t support their app.

Easy to share

Easy to share One more major benefit of PWAs are that they are just web pages and do not hold much downloadable amount. The only space you require for PWAs is for cache, and the rest of the memory of the app will be stored in the cloud. Users do not have to download the app, and they can easily start using the app with a sharable link. With a single click, all the featured of the app will be available and can be used even in offline mode.

Better SEO

The fact that PWAs can be easily shared adds to the fact that the SEO is automatically going to improve as every single click will generate more traffic. PWAs can promise better marketing and conversion rates as compared to websites as well as native apps. Due to the fast surfing and better transactions, the users will have a better time interacting with the app, and they will more like to become a regular user. The search engines like Google(also one of the first companies to implement PWAs) are also giving preferences to PWAs, so if your site is made by a PWA developer, it has better chances of ranking higher
Mobile Apps

Why PWAs Are Better Than Native Mobile Apps

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) can change how the websites interact with the users and save them the hassle of keeping a separate mobile app for the same. While it is still a sane idea for the top apps on app stores, it makes no sense for small businesses and websites to manage multiple databases. Here are the reasons why PWA will change the overall system of websites and applications and will be the future of all businesses. Mobile apps take 80% of the mobile usage by an average person, and only 20% has been reported to be spent on browsers in 2018. People still use browsers to surf the websites instead of choosing to download the app unless the website is not compatible with mobile devices. Only a few applications are used again and again throughout the day, such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc…, which adds to the report.

Mobile Apps Are Lagging

Mobile Apps As more businesses build their PWAs, people will begin using the browsers rather filling up space on their devices. PWAs are everything that a user expects from an application in a much more convenient way. Users can interact with the pages and buttons of a PWA throughout the browser even while being offline. A user can also add the PWA to their homepage for regular usage, without the need of downloading a huge size application form app store. Even the memory of PWAs is dependent only on the browser used to run it, unlike the native apps which require more space and RAM.

Native App Stores Are Dump Yards

If you open an app store, you can find thousands of apps competing to provide a kind of service, and thousands of services to choose from. The app stores are overflowing with useful and useless applications. There is a huge competition, and new apps are popping up every day, which are either made by companies or jobless developers. Launching an application in an app store is a difficult task for a new company. Ranking higher on an app store is way more challenging than creating a PWA. Instead of finding a place on app store, one can create an interactive high-quality PWA which will not have to compete with the trending apps to gain people’s attention but will only be known to those who are looking for their service on the internet. It is a smarter move to develop a PWA for browsers, so when a user opens your site, they will get an interactive and easy to use interface.

PWAs Rank In Search

PWAs Rank In Search All the businesses which are converting their websites into PWAs receive better rankings by search engines. If the ranking is failing for your app on app store, PWA might be a good idea to rank better these days. The reason why PWAs will rank better on search engines is that it can be shared just from the link of the website. You do not have to dig it out from the increasing pile of app stores. Sharing the link will do two things at the same time – Add to the number of clicks, promise instant downloads. It is faster, can be used offline and offers a one for all solution to the users.

Cross-Platform Availability

The PWA developed apps are specifically designed to make sure that they provide the right user experience to their users. This is due to the fact they are tailor made to ensure that you have the right platform. Having a progressive web apps allows you to publish information which can help you be easily connected with a wide range of mobile browser. This gives you the right balance which you to connect with other apps as well.

Latest tech of 2019

Technology is one of the things that has never been stagnant. There is constant change and development when it comes to technology. Most of the time, we might have thought a particular invention or a concept of the best, and there is nothing that can go beyond this. But somehow some extra minds in the human race has always managed to come up with something new. In this article, we will see in detail some of the latest techs that have made the headlines in recent times.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There are no second thoughts on the fact that artificial intelligence is gradually penetrating into our lives. Some might be aware of it, and the predominant population does not know about it. AI refers to a set of codes that are developed to replicate human actions in the most accurate ways. It has been around since 1956. But in recent years, the use of AI has become more extensive.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a part of AI more like a subset. Machine Learning is the process in which the computers are trained to learn new things, which they are not programmed to do. They get the knowledge from data that is collected from various sources. In many industries, machine learning is being used, and it is predicted that by 2022, the growth of machine learning will be around 8.8 billion dollars.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The Robotic Process Automation is a technology that is used to automate the jobs. The main aim of this tech is to completely eliminate human intervention in a particular process. This will totally avoid human errors, which will increase productivity.


The general perception that the predominant people have about blockchain is that it is very much related to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. To put in simple words, blockchain is a simple digital ledger where data is stored with state of the art security. You can only add data, and you cannot remove data from it.  With the use of blockchain, there will not be any kind of data breach, and hence, it is one of the most important things that taunted to be the next thing in various businesses.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality There is a huge difference between Virtual Reality and augmented reality. Virtual Reality immerses the user in a digital environment but augmented reality enhances the existing environment. VR now plays a huge part in the gaming industry as it is a better gaming experience. Both of these technologies have a lot of potential and can play a very significant role in many areas.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Today most of the things are built with Wi-Fi connectivity.  The thing/gadgets that have the ability to connect with Wi-Fi are called the Internet of Things. As of 2017, the total value of the IoT is around 8.4 billion dollars. It is expected to reach 30 billion by 2020.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security might not feel like an emerging technology, but is an evolving technology. As the hackers are getting creative with their use of illegally accessing data. There are many ways that people are trying to develop the toughest security measures which can allow you to adapt to the every changing security. The three main advancements that tool place in the recent years are the hardware authentication, cloud technology, and deep learning.