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  1. » Web Design versus SEO Revisited » developedtraffic.com says:

    […] aptastic Adventures of SES San Jose 2004 thread at compooter.org a few months ago (covered here wherein – amongst all the noise – one de […]

  2. Reputational Assault: Web Designers and SEOs says:

    […] ed to have been said was not exactly what was said, and we saw some retractions, including Eric Meyer's most gentlemanly statement on the matter &#8 […]

  3. Kim Krause says:

    You've been found Diane! Good for you. Bill just told us at CForums that you've launched your own blog. Consider me a fan already. Congratulations.

  4. Bill says:

    Hi Diane,

    It's really great to see your blog! I suspect that it's in places like this one that the crossover between design and Search Engine Marketing are really explored, and people are educated.

    The discussion that started on compooter's blog is one that will hopefully continue. One piece of it is here. Excellent start.


  5. Ammon Johns says:

    I agree completely that the eventual outcome of the discussion was a positive one for all sides. Even being hit on the blind-side is a positive thing when it reminds you that you have a blind-side. ;)

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