cre8asite … or cre8apubcrawl?

Did anyone spot the new topical logo at cre8asiteforums? A little history: in March of 2003, at a time when the cre8asite forums were fairly young but getting attention due to the considered and deliberate decision to ensure the forums covered more than search engine optimization, I was playing around (completely unasked, I'll admit) with a new logo.

The challenge (again, unasked) was to design a logo that was brandable, to harmonize to some degree with the blue color scheme of the phpBB forum layout, and, not the least, to ensure that people noticed the 8 in the domain name so that they had a chance of remembering it. Heck, even I had difficulty typing it on a daily basis: cre8site, crea8site … nope.

cre8asiteforums logoThe logo was liked enough (or was, at least, graciously accepted by Kim Krause) that it was adopted, and the motif has since been carried to the other sites in the cre8asite network: cre8asite Resource Library and the cre8ive Flow Blog.

This was a logo with a life of its own. The cre8asite crew and members soon took to festooning it to honor various holidays. Not to mention that a good number of them are Brits, and so one reads a lot of light-hearted bantering about drinking. To hear them tell it (aided as always by "Grumpus"), few waking hours are spent not teeteringly drunk. Or on a pub crawl.

cre8asiteforums logoToday I notice this. Well, okay; I know I'm buried in work and really, really (really) have no idea what holiday that might be. Teasing aside, it's the cre8 crew celebrating the forums' second anniversary.

Happy Birthday, cre8. Many happy returns.

5 Comments to "cre8asite … or cre8apubcrawl?"

  1. Bill says:

    Thank you, Diane.

    Without your participation, we would be a very different forum. We're all very appreciative.

    One of my concerns about visiting the UK contingent of Cre8asite is that it might turn into a very long pubcrawl. It would be fun though.

    As for the celebratory logo, we did have a choice of three different logos, created by skilled illustrator and Graphics Forum Moderator Black Phoenix – one was with two candles, another was birthday cake, and the third was a couple of bottles of bubbly.

    I suspect you probably know how the discussion over which one to use went. :)


  2. Dave Child says:

    Thanks Diane. As Bill said, without you, the forums would be a very different place indeed.

    We do try to spend as few hours as possible in any state more sober than teeteringly drunk over this side of the pond. Pub crawls aren't as much fun as they used to be though – seems every decent pub near my neck of the woods is bought out and replaced with a trendy wine bar as soon as it becomes remotely popular.

    Though it is in need of bringing up to date, I did create a page with the older logos on, so that they were not lost. So, if interested, you can always check out the previous forum logos page for older special logos.

  3. Diane Vigil says:

    LOL What, no cigar clubs? :-)

    I cannot think what I've said or done that was as exciting as all that. <blush>

    But I do miss you guys. It's rare that I don't have a window or two open to the cre8asiteforums.

  4. Sophie Wegat says:

    How did I miss this?

    What a wonderful tribute to Cre8 Diane. And as Bill and Dave said you're a huge part of why we are so successful!

    Unfortunately the Brits, when out colonising, passed their wild drinking on to Australia and New Zealand. Our excuse is it gets hot down under. Hic. ;-)

  5. DianeV says:

    Well, aren't you the sweetheart!

    And, of course, we know I couldn't stay away long. :-)

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