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As anyone who has been optimizing websites for search engine rankings knows, SEO requires a good bit of study, from learning the basics to mastering techniques to keeping up with changes in the search engines' algorithms on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, some of the information posted on websites and in forums is now dated, and you'll run into any number of webmasters who failed (or were penalized) from using pre-1999 techniques.

Nacho at Danny Sullivan's SearchEngineWatch forums has devised a Search Engine Marketing 101 list which enumerates a decent list of SEO study resources. Yes, I know it's long but, for you designers out there, I'm sure you didn't learn web design all in one night (and are probably keeping up with industry developments in any case).

Properly done SEO can enhance both numbers of visitors to websites *and* usability, and add to the value provided to your clients. So, sorry for the lengthy list, but it's that's the reality of SEO.

And, if you're still interested, there's more. Far more. <grin>

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