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Linux, and a talk with Adobe

Adobe and Macromedia ProgramsWhile speaking with Adobe last week, the subject of Adobe products and alternative operating systems such as Linux arose. The Adobe rep suggested that I encouraged people to utilize the Adobe Product Feature Request because they "do listen".

Today we have a zdnet article allowing as how Adobe is taking a more active roll in the Linux/Open Source arena, and stating that "Adobe wants to hire a director of Linux market development to "identify and evaluate strategies for Adobe in the Linux and open-source desktop market".

And Macromedia, too. Not spoken to Macromedia directly in a while, but the above complements the telephone call I got several years ago from Macromedia R&D (Research & Development). Now that's customer service and market research rolled into one! They were calling because I had made a couple of posts at JimWorld's Get High Traffic forums regarding features of HomeSite that I'd wanted to see in Dreamweaver. This tells us that Macromedia, too, wants to hear from users. Here's the Macromedia Feature Request page.

Nice Adobe Offer to Photoshop customers. It's true: we're slowly moving into publishing some books — with real paper — which means we'll shortly have a need for a good book-layout program. Not wanting to move to Mac/Quark, I was looking into Adobe InDesign ($699 USD) while noting that I really ought to upgrade to Photoshop CS ($169 USD) for its brilliant new features when I discovered that Adobe has a special upgrade offer for owners of Photoshop … for $549:

  • Photoshop CS
  • Illustrator CS
  • InDesign CS
  • Version Cue

There's a $749 offer that also includes GoLive and Acrobat Professional. The Adobe rep said that these particular offers were made because, per survey, a huge percentage of Adobe customers had Photoshop and only Photoshop — and Adobe decided to "give our customers a break". So noted, and appreciated. I have no idea how long these offers may stand, but if you've ever wanted InDesign or Illustrator at a low price, this is it.

Nice one, Adobe.

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