SEO and Sharing Dirty Little Secrets

Nick_W discussed whether SEOs reveal all their optimization tactics — or, actually, whether they should. This was picked up at MarketingTom.com's Search Engine Secrets (and keeping them so).

Interesting that this would even become a question. While SEOs (and many marketers) are happy enough to share some information, I think that willingness only goes so far — and that this is as it should be.

<added> The reason I say this is not because I believe such information should (or should not) be shared, but simply because getting good search engine rankings is a facet of business on the Web. Taken from another point of view: if you had market survey data that indicated that presenting products to potential customers in a specific way would result in higher sales, or if you found from experience that utilizing rich media in a specific way created incredible branding for your clients, would this be data that you'd want to spread around to competitors?

Nick has it right. 'Nuff said.

One Comment to "SEO and Sharing Dirty Little Secrets"

  1. JD on MX says:

    Info wants to be unfree
    Info wants to be unfree: "Nick W" says that Search Engine Optimization firms tend to hold back the solid info… no facts here, but plenty of anecdotes. Interestingly, another article referencing this now apparently has no text. [via Diane Vigil]…

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