When all else fails …

  • I shouldn't find the Jeffrey Veen post about "Super Stickies" amusing. Reminds me of a friend's response to my question way back when about what an intranet was. (You know that website you built on your computer to hold all your notes? So, now that you have a network …) Aw, never mind.
  • A package arrived from my friend Sophie WegatTimTams. Better than KitKats. Is this an Aussie plot to get us strung out on addictive snacks that can't be had on this continent? Well, they lasted three days — so there! (But only barely.) Am thinking of retaliating with something you can only get here. (Thanks, Sophie!)

One Comment to "When all else fails …"

  1. Sophie Wegat says:

    Glad you liked them Diane. In reality it's probably good you can't get them over there. Temptation and all that. ;-)

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