Desktop Search a Threat to …?

Lots of desktop search applications coming out. Google has one.
Ask Jeeves is coming out with one. Microsoft has one.

I have to ask myself why I need such a thing; after all, I tend to organize my computer well, and my own memory isn't so shot that I can't simply remember where I put things. So why all the hasty endeavor over desktop search?

I can think of one compelling reason. Just as many people don't know what a browser is (after all, Internet Explorer is not identified on Windows computers as a "browser"; people just know to click on the "e" to "open the Internet"), many people in upcoming years may buy a Windows computer only to find the search already bound into the system. Want to search your desktop or the Internet? Just click the Microsoft thingie. No need to know about "desktop" search or any other kind of search … or search engine.

Hey, it could happen. Chilly idea, isn't it?

3 Comments to "Desktop Search a Threat to …?"

  1. teli says:

    I agree with you on each point Diane,
    As a conversation with a previous client illustrates

    Me: Open your browser please
    Client: What?
    Me: You need to go to your website's homepage
    Client: Do you want me to click on the big E?

    Took me a good minute to figure out what she was talking about – I use Firefox and deleted all references to Internet Explorer from my desktop or toolbar so hadn't seen "the big E" for a while ROFL….

    Gosh that'll be a scary day indeed – soon it won't be " I accidentally deleted the internet" it'll be "I accidentally deleted the computer"

  2. DianeV says:

    LOL! "I accidentally deleted the Internet"! Gotta love it!

    Well, let's be happy that most people don't have a clue as to how to reformat the hard drive. Although I did hear about someone years ago who deleted a lot of stuff from the Windows folder because he needed more space on his drive.

  3. teli says:

    A little off subject, but I just got done talking a friend who was telling me about a client who was having trouble printing…the client's solution?

    The computer says – "cannot communicate with the printer" so the client turns the moniter to face the printer so they can communicate…no lie!

    I tried not to laugh, but I couldn't help it…needless to say, the client's solution did not work

    I strongly believe, everyone who owns a computer should at very least read Computers for Dummies, Internet for Dummies or something along those lines…

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