Font Rant

I'm one of those web designers who prefers that people see a site the way I designed it. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who tires of the few fonts that are available to us as web designers. The latest combined font stats at CodeStyle.org give us:

Latest Font Stats from Codestyle.org

Okay, so let's get real:

  1. Monaco (96% have it, but I don't)
  2. Arial Black (right …)
  3. Courier (not workable for most commercial markets)
  4. Comis Sans MS (you're not serious?!)

Got tired of Verdana for this blog, Arial gives a "too blocky" feel, and I'm frankly tired of both. I'm using Trebuchet MS for now but I must say that, viewing it on my 19" monitor set at 1024×768, well … I can see the little pixels that compose the letters.

How does anyone else solve this?

Okay, some may say that, with a 19-inch monitor, I really ought to set the resolution higher. Fair enough but, at that res, I simply can't read the text, which is kinda important … and I don't see myself reading with my face four inches from the screen.

Unless it can give me a tan.

2 Comments to "Font Rant"

  1. Sophie Wegat says:

    A monitor that also gives you a tan. I'd be in that.

    Nice post Diane. Like shoes and handbags I've always said you can't have enough fonts. Having said that we really are limited as web designers aren't we. Next site – full on Comic Sans. Love it!

  2. DianeV says:

    Yes, why not. Comic Sans H tags with Impact for the text. There's a site no one will copy. :-)

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