Copyscape finds pages that copied yours

Copyscape LogoDMOZ meta editor hutcheson does us a favor at Danny Sullivan's forums by noting a new Web service: copyscape.com.

Input a URL into Copyscape's online tool and it returns a list of pages containing text from your page. While it doesn't distinguish whether the "offending" page is a directory containing text from your page, my first attempt located a few real offenders. An email, and one has already removed the copied text (apparently put there by the "search engine optimization expert" they'd hired.

Another, my favorite, posted one of our clients' testimonials under another name. I have no idea what these people are thinking: if you can't get good testimonials on your own, just copy those of someone who earned them? One wonders where their sense of pride and self-worth might be. Here's a tip: in your email to the offending infringers, add this:

By the way: http://copyscape.com

This is the Web and one can search for anything. I'd gladly pay Copyscape a monthly or yearly fee to conduct these searches for me, if only they'd offer it. In the meantime, using Copyscape is better than pasting snippets of text into a search engine.

Thanks, hutch. Ah, just noted that Copyscape was mentioned earlier at the cre8asiteforums. Good news travels fast.

One Comment to "Copyscape finds pages that copied yours"

  1. DianeV says:

    After small use of Copyscape last night, I found a number of copyright infringers utilizing our text (and even one of our testimonials!) on their sites. After notification, the site owners were generally surprised and embarrassed; two had hired someone to write for their sites, of which one was a "search engine optimization expert". Do these hirees expect that their clients will never discover the truth?

    Doesn't the idea of being paid for a service and being discovered copying someone's work kinda trouble them them? Fact is, if I were the employer, I'd consider that I'd paid for something I didn't receive.

    I find it patently ridiculous that I've had to add a Copyscape button to *every* page of our Dianev.com site, and have rewritten our Copyright page to reflect the realities.


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