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Not sure when this appeared, but WordPress now has the WordPress Codex site which contains loads of instructions for installing, configuring, designing and using WordPress. This means one doesn't have to spend time searching the WordPress Forums (cleverly hidden under a link to "Support") for answers.

It's not yet complete, but a favorite: What's new in each version

As an aside, it's as I say: if you don't want to spend inordindate amounts of time in supporting your software, then excellent, explicit instructions are key.

3 Comments to "WordPress Instructions – codex.wordpress.org"

  1. Bill Samuel says:

    The problem with the Codes site is its broken into very small bits of information – hundreds of pages, many with only a couple of sentences of information. The information may be all there, but it's a nightmare to use. What users need is a manual.

  2. Diane Vigil says:

    Thanks, Bill. You're right … the Codex can be pretty daunting. I think they're trying to keep things separated as much as possible, but I see what you mean. Unfortunately, the Codex and the forums *are* the manual.

  3. June Daguiso says:

    I can't seem to view in my website when I click on any section. It has this 404 erroe file not found. Can someone tell me what's the problem?


    June Daguiso

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