My quotable friends

My friends are many and varied. Full of life, and quotable:

"I've been driving for an hour. I might as well go and shop."
~ Colleen Bigler

"The heck with Desktop Search. I want a self-propelled vacuum cleaner."
~ Kim Krause Berg, cre8pc.com

"Yes I know most people reading this won't believe that sitting at a computer all day and night is anything but natural and normal."
~ Jean Manco

"Chocolate's taste and the pleasure it can bestow will win a taste test with aspirin any day."
~ Lynn Cameron, AromaVital.com

"Lots of things are creative. Art is creative. Writing is creative. CGI-scripts are creative."
~ Darin Swan (paraphrased)

One Comment to "My quotable friends"

  1. Kim Krause Berg (Cre8pc) says:

    Hilarious! I love coming here, knowing you'll either make me think or make me laugh – either way, it's a win-win deal.

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