Marketing Yack is Boring

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting pretty over-done on some of the marketing yack I've seen recently. Unfortunately, being "marketing", it seems always to be in my face, and gets worse day by day.

Truth be told, I've been marketing for some decades, and have made my living by helping clients to market to others, with the result that clients send more clients to me. However, my idea of marketing and sales seems to differ radically from this new marketing norm.

For instance, I just received a newsletter that accused everyone (by using the generic "we") of failing at "intimacy" (eh?) with regard to "relationship marketing". And, of course, the intimation here is that the writer can give you excellent results. While I rarely say anything like this in public, I'll say this:


In a word, the premise is a drag. It assumes failures that may not be in evidence (but, boy, can they help you out!). It uses buzzwords — "relationship marketing" — now, if that doesn't sound painfully b-o-r-i-n-g, I don't know what does. As my Brit friends might say, it's a right turnoff. It's cute, though: by invalidating whatever results you have gotten, they can swoop in on you with whatever it is that they offer. For those who can see through this, I say: can these people sell anything more than some new solution based on the latest buzzword?

Here's a hint. Drop the psychology mumbo-jumbo from your marketing. It ain't working — it's at least one step beyond what you should be doing. I can see why, with advice like this, people might be having a hard time.

I freely admit that I do not do "relationship marketing" or any kind of [insert buzzword] marketing. To me, marketing, and particularly Internet marketing, mean conceiving of and devising a product or service and bringing it to the market in such a way that it gets purchased by customers and the
client thereby earns an income, and the cycle keeps on going that way. That's marketing.

I'll also note that marketing gets confused with advertising and promotion, which are only part of marketing, but that's another story.

What's the big secret to doing this? Well, one of them is this:

<talk to people>

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