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Good news from the "I haven't tried it yet but" department. Given that not knowing definitions of words in information one is studying is a major barrier to learning, a quick way to get answers and definitions is a good thing. So it comes as good news that, according to Search Engine Watch's Gary Price in GuruNet Becomes Answers.com and Is Now Available Free!, GuruNet's desktop application for finding definitions and answers is now apparently free:

GuruNet, the very useful and formerly subscription-based ready-reference web database and client app, full of fast facts and other information from over 100 reference sources, has launched a new site: Answers.com and is now available for free.

I'd learned about the GuruNet application when I was included, along with others in the cre8asiteforums.com team, in a review of the original GuruNet website. Loved the app, and found it gave far better, more cohesive answers than searching through links found at a search engine.

There appear to be more than one model available, which you can find at Answers.com.

Not sure how they're going to monetize this, but what the heck. :-)

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