Verio, WordPress – Setting Up your Database

WordPress can be delightfully fast to install, but you have to know a few things first. For example, most tutorials and/or posts in the WordPress forums assume you've got commercial web hosting (where your database is already set up), that your web host provides the CPanel control panel as well as phpmyadmin for administering the database, that the database is already set up, and that you understand how to fill out the WordPress configuration file.

Given that I am exceptionally fond of Verio's virtual private servers, and additionally fond of knowing what I'm doing rather than having it all masked (albeit, perhaps, made easier) by nice GUI interfaces, I've marched more than once through the setting-up-the-database thing using SSH and line commands. Most recently, yesterday morning when I had to set up a database on our new VPS version 2:

VPS v2 extends the advantages of control, flexibility, and isolation by providing a product that is even more like a standard FreeBSD-based dedicated server … you can even reboot, start, and stop your VPS v2. VPS v2 includes root access for maximum control over users and applications. Best of all, VPS v2 offers enhanced "fair share" technology, which protects the system resources allocated to each VPS … preventing any single VPS from abusing shared resources and, ultimately, keeping your website and applications performing consistently.

Nice. But though learning to run a VPS is one thing, VPS2 can be an alternate universe … but doable, even for design/marketing/media-loving types like me. :-) Though I'll admit that I did have a couple of "I need a margarita" moments (and I don't drink), I sorted it out, and have posted my Setting Up the mySQL Database notes, complete with line commands and instructions for filling out WordPress' wp-config.php file.

P.S. I love Verio, having been a viaVerio reseller for about five years(!), because they keep the VPS software updated and the servers running and because you can call them at any time of day and will get a knowledgeable, cheerful and courteous tech. Though being a VPS reseller does mean that you need to learn how to run a server (a VPS is not, after all, a managed server), when all else fails you can always call. And there's nothing like knowing you can do anything you like on a server.

Heck; I've even stopped recommending cheap commercial web hosting due to having to spend more time sorting out and resolving problems than it was worth to anyone. At $20+ a month, Verio's commercial web hosting accounts are rock solid, and you get knowledgeable techs. The same techs who can explain to your clients how to sort out their AOL email problems in the shortest time imaginable. And Verio is arguably the world's largest web host: enable popups and click on the map at the top.

Ya know? :-)

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  2. Happy Me says:

    Thank you for the excellent guide. Helped me out today with Verio and manually setting up MySQL for verio.

  3. Diane Vigil says:

    You're very welcome. :)

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