A peek at WordPress 1.5 and nofollow

Following up on my WordPress and the Google Link Attribute, I found a link at the WP forums to NuclearMoose's interview with WordPress developers Matt Mullenweg and Ryan Boren regarding the upcoming (when it's ready) WordPress 1.5. It sounds like 1.5 is going to be interesting; my issue is regarding whether nofollow will be implemented by default. The interview says:

Recently there has been an agreement in the blogging/search engine community to use the “rel=nofollow” attribute for links. What's your take on this? Have you decided how it will be integrated into WordPress?

Ryan: Hot stove. Hot stove. Don't touch.

Matt: It has been, and that's the only way it'll work. Fortunately using the aforementioned modularity people who can intelligently make a decision regarding nofollow have the flexibility to modify the behaviour without touching any core code. However keep in mind that the decision process people need to make personally for their site is very different than the decision we made
regarding having support in WordPress by default.

One "has the flexibility to modify the behavior without touching any core code". Make of that what you will.

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