Backing up a Database

Gotta love it. Every explanation I've seen regarding backing up a database starts with "In phpmyadmin" … which I don't want to install on our servers. Now we find in the WordPress Wiki (thanks WP!) the command line backup AND restore — and it's much easier than futzing with phpmyadmin: Database Backup. But wait! There's more!

If you are running linux and would like to automate your mysql backups so that you actually do them on a regular basis, the AutoMySQLBackup script is an ideal way to do this. The script is very easy to set up and run from cron.

Visit the page for the commands.

Maybe tomorrow I'll post the nice list of comment spammer IPs I'm collecting. You just put them in your server configuration file (or .htaccess). I wouldn't normally do this, but these people are becoming annoying, and we don't like to be annoyed, do we?

Update 2/5/05: the wonderful folks at cre8asiteforums (thanks, guys!) advise that, if you have direct server access to the database, you can simply back up the database tables via FTP.

Of course, you may need a little more if you want to edit the DB directly, but this is helpful.

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