Thunderbird Email and Pasting Screenshots

In this prelude to yet another working weekend, I am pleased to discover that the Mozilla Thunderbird email program allows pasting of screenshots directly into email.

I'll admit that I'm still using Netscape 4.x for email (there's over a Gig of it in there) and, yes, I was an NS person from way back. I still remember being thrilled at upgrading to Netscape Gold 3.0, as I recall. And while I've wanted to upgrade but didn't want AOL's version of Netscape, I found that the Mozilla bundled email program did NOT allow pasting of screenshots.

Fair enough: while my programmer friends seem to dislike with a passion any kind of HTML email, people who (also) deal with visual design sometimes need to send images to clients; personally, I'd rather just see the images in the body of the email than sit around clicking links to display them in the bundled browser. Click … see in browser. Back to email program. Click next image link … see in browser … oh, wait, how is this different than the first one? Click … are we annoyed yet?

Moreover, sometimes I need to send screenshots to clients, and sometimes while we're on the phone. This means — in Mozilla — taking the screenshot, opening Photoshop, opening a new file, pasting the screenshot, saving it as gif/jpg, opening a new email, locating the image on the hard drive … etc. In NS4.x, it's: grab screenshot, open new email, Control V to paste, address to client, send. Client cleverly has broadband; we're discussing the screenshot within the minute.

I did this recently with a client while I was working on an animation in ImageReady; it was a bit difficult to grasp my verbal explanation … but a quick glance at the screenshot was not only illuminating, but he immediately grasped the nuances and off we went.

But the Mozilla folk, in their wisdom, apparently have not seen fit to include this little functionality. No idea why. And so folks like me simply have not upgraded since … 1998?

But today I have high hopes. And hopefully Thunderbird will import that Gig of old email. <grin>

8 Comments to "Thunderbird Email and Pasting Screenshots"

  1. David says:

    says Thunderbird allows pasting screenshots and images when composing e-mail. I recall doing that with Thunderbird 0.9 or 1.0, but it does not work with 1.02. I can paste into an e-mail but once sent, the image is not in the message in Sent folder, and the recipient does not get the image.
    However, if I save e-mail in Drafts, the image is there. But, once I send e-mail the image is stripped.

    Are you able to send screenshots on Windows? If so, which ver. of Thunderbird?

    Thank you.

  2. DianeV says:

    David, sorry for the delay.

    I sent an email containing a screenshot within the body of the email to another of our email addresses from Thunderbird 1.0; downloaded it in NS4. The image was present. I even sent one email containing two different screenshots; no problems there.

    I'm wondering if you've got a setting somewhere that strips out images. Do the images show in the emails in your "Sent" folder? Or … have you defaulted to sending non-HTML email? So far as I know, images may be blocked from non-HTML email.

  3. David says:

    > have you defaulted to sending non-HTML email?

    Problem has been resolved. HTML cannot be sent to recipients configured in address book as "Prefers to receive messages formatted as: Plain Text". Unfortunately, "Tools | Options | Composition | Send Options = Ask me" only asks when recipient is configured as HTML.

    Summary: If a recipient is configured as "Plain Text" (the default when importing from Yahoo address book), there is no way to send screen shots or HTML. The message in the Sent folder will not have the screen shot.

  4. DianeV says:

    Ah, that makes sense. Glad to hear it.

    By the way, I'd heard elsewhere that someone using Thunderbird had an email disappear … and then reappear later. Have you had that experience?

    I'm almost sold, but don't think I could deal with disappearing email.

  5. David says:

    >Have you had that experience?


  6. DianeV says:

    Well, I'm glad to hear that, too. I think I'll uninstall and reinstall without the "Global Folders" — which puts all email accounts in one window. Kind of a nice feature versus an accident waiting to happen.

  7. manish says:

    how can i paste image or picture in my e-mail

  8. DianeV says:

    Hi. I'm not sure what operating system you're using. In Windows, it's Alt PrintScrn (print screen) to get the screenshot, then Control V to paste it into the email program.

    This is for screenshots only; inserting pre-existing images would work a different way.

    Hope this helps!

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