Yahoo Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles Times' online (thanks for the tip, MarketingVox) says:

Watch out, Hollywood. There's a new player in town.

Yahoo Inc., the Internet portal created a decade ago by a pair of Stanford University computer geeks, is getting serious about muscling in on the entertainment business.

In fact, Yahoo has already arrived — physically at least. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company signed a huge lease last month to take over most of the former headquarters of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. in Santa Monica, which will soon be known as Yahoo Center.

Lloyd Braun, a veteran TV executive, will run the new division, Yahoo Media Group, that will be based there. He plans to move some employees from Silicon Valley and aims to poach Hollywood talent to build a media powerhouse.

(See Yahoo Seeks Spotlight in Hollywood — you may have to register to read, but it's worthwhile.)

Pretty interesting stuff, Yahoo planting a division in Hollywood. Lots of media; lots of creativity; lots of talent. Big movers. And lots of money.

I'm curious as to what reaction Silicon Valley-ites will have to L.A. As a former longtime resident of The City (San Francisco), I'm well aware that there's a pervasive anti-Los Angeles sentiment up north. Or, at least, there used to be; call it a prejudice. I'm curious as to what happens when transplanted Silicon Valley folk — probably missing the rolling green hills of the area — discover the gloriousness of warm wafting breezes and clear blue skies of springtime and summer Los Angeles. And the fact that it is NOT what you would call "cold" in the winter. Heck, it's February and I'm wearing shorts as I sit here; granted, I put on socks, but that's hardly a sacrifice.

And, while Los Angeles is not wholly the restaurateur's dream that is San Francisco, the fact is that Silicon Valley is not exactly San Francisco, either. Yes, Los Angeles can be a bit of a culture-clash, but one can get over culture-clashes.

So, when you get here: welcome, Yahoo folk. We could use more Web people here.

So what's next? Geek power lunches with big media moguls? :-)

One Comment to "Yahoo Los Angeles?"

  1. DianeV says:

    Aha, the light does shine regarding why Yahoo is renting a huge Hollywood movie studio. As noted at Threadwatch.org, Yahoo to stream live TV. Not to mention the lack of zillions of actors, directors, television crews and the like in Silicon Valley.

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