Grumpus and BBSes and TJ Williams

There's a fascinating post at the Cre8asite Forums in which Stock Truslow (aka "Grumpus") details his involvement in and building of BBSes in the '90s. Wish Stock had gotten investors for his at-the-time pooh-poohed wishes to expand. What Stock was doing in those days really is a claim to fame. Not to mention that he built the Cre8asite Resource Library, from scratch, I think, in nothing flat.

Which brings me to TJ Williams. TJ was really the nicest guy in the world and a co-worker during the 1980's in an office where we were working with dedicated word processors. As I was newly married, I couldn't understand why TJ would spend his time at home reading text written by others from a computer screen. Heck, I couldn't even understand what "Information Superhighway" meant even though the glossy magazines were gushing about it. That was then and this is now. TJ, if you're out there, this is Diane Vigil from John and Tom's office in Century City — call me!

(Hey, it could happen.)

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