Time Warner Broadband Speed Increase

I love a snail mail letter that says:

Great News!

We recently increased the download speed of Road Runner High Speed Online Service in your are from 3Mbps to 5Mbps! That's about 65% faster than what you're used to — and four times faster than DSL!

First: wow.

Second: how does an increase of 3Mbps to 5Mbps equal 65% faster? Does each added Mbps give more speed than the percentage it would seem to be, or are they just opening up the pipes?

I don't care, and we won't be asking for a new modem to be mailed; we'll be down at the local TW office early Monday morning.

2/14/05 Update — we traded in our "shark's tooth" (shaped) modem for a little square box, plugged it in and – whoa! – 5Mbps is f-a-s-t. Almost like the Internet is hurling things at your browser or email program. Well done, TimeWarner/RoadRunner. (Did I mention, there's no extra cost?)

2 Comments to "Time Warner Broadband Speed Increase"

  1. George Lochinski says:

    How can I increase my internet speed? I'm using Time Warner Road Runner in Southern California.

  2. DianeV says:

    Hi, George. You might call Time Warner so that they can tell you what's available.

    That said, I'll say that our upload speed has considerably slowed as of late.

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