WordPress 1.5 Strayhorn Out

WordPress 1.5 Strayhorn

Looks like WordPress users' Valentine's Day present is here: WordPress 1.5 – Strayhorn available for download now.

Haven't tried it yet, but I will.

Update: Found Mt.DewVirus' Review of WordPress 1.5. Most interesting:

"… new Comment Blacklist section. 'This is a list of words that you want completely blacklisted from your blog. Be very careful what you add here, because if a comment matches something here it will be completely nuked and there will be no notification. Remember that partial words can match, so if there is any chance something here might match it would be better to put it in the moderation box above.' Very cool, but also very dangerous."

Most interesting.

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  1. Threadwatch.org says:

    WordPress 1.5 Out Now
    WordPress 1.5 is finally out, you can find a neat interview with the

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