Human-Computer Interaction is, uh …

Not crazy about the article, but the OK/Cancel cartoon is wonderful — or, at least, if you've ever run into something like this, you'll understand. If not, perhaps we should say: lucky you.

That said, the About OK/Cancel page is quite hilarious. And apparently holds some truth.

Me, I'm a fan of plain-speak (you know, that stuff that normal people can understand). Unfortunately, one often has to translate depending upon the audience. And since the Web Design industry, done right, includes a whole raft of other disciplines and industries, one finds a whole lot of translating quite necessary if one intends, you know, to communicate.

I'm also a fan of not interpreting things into things they're not — which is usually based on something that someone somewhere said. Which usually means I have to refrain from responding to certain discussions, or I will be there writing for hours. One has work to do, you know? <grin>

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