Protest increases against Google Toolbar

As a follow up to Google SmartTags, we have Jeffrey Zeldman's "Protect your site from Google's new toolbar" which links to NickW's Code for Killing Google AutoLink post at Threadwatch.

So, we have SEOs and designers in agreement against the Google Toolbar. As Zeldman posts:

You can't stop a juggernaut in pursuit of its own increase, but you can do something about the part where they mess with your website, adding links you didn't create.

In short, Google is messing with your advertising. I'm in California: think "intentional interference with prospective economic advantage" …

<added> Danny Sullivan's Review of the Google Toolbar Autolink feature.

Lest we forget: Scumware.comThe original Scumware Rant by Jim Wilson (RIP), with respect to Ezula/Kazaa:

They get to sell targeted traffic based on the content of every web page in the world without having to resort to developing any content, running a PPC search engine, or actually doing much of anything.

2 Comments to "Protest increases against Google Toolbar"

  1. Google Autolink Funnies says:

    […] appen. Events can reshape the world. Anyone remember when AltaVista was king? :: Earlier: Protest increases against Google Toolbar Dian […]

  2. DianeV says:

    Nice analysis from Dave Winer — and precisely the point.

    This looks to be a fight. When you allow someone else to alter your content without your permission, then you've started down the road to who knows where.

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