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ArtSo. Apropos of nothing at all (my favorite approach, it seems): I come from a fashion background. I started my barely-adult life making clothing that was selling pretty well in a city by the Bay eons and eons ago. Switched because I was having a hard time imagining my nights being relegated forever to sticking my fingers with pins. One deals with lots and lots of pins in fashion. Silly me.

I think it still shows. Color moves me: this blog, for example, is a compilation of my favorite clothing colors (for me, that is) … and the lipstick. In fact, this entire design was based on a desire to design a website that was entirely Vogue magazine-like.

Art is everywhere we go: incredible architecture; interior design; lighting; typography; photography. (Despite what you may have heard — it's important not to confuse bias with truth — there is plenty of art in Los Angeles. Even on that most hideous of L.A. experiences, the 405 Freeway: for what are all those automobiles but engineering design?)

So today, I am a web designer. And a marketer, another thing I can't quite get out of my blood, and rather a strange combination until you realize that art is a communication from the artist, and part of marketing is to communicate. And so, having done every other thing under the sun, I realize how much art still pulls me. To wit:

Himself (who really does exist) and I are driving down Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills on our way to Robertson (or Interior Designer Row, as I call it) to buy a new bed (a different, and very expensive, story) when I see we're coming to Rodeo Drive:


:: "Why? What's happening?"

:: "You have to realize that this is one of the fashion capitols of the WORLD."

Well. There it is. And, city girl that I am, I see how beautiful these L.A. areas are, and vow one day to return with my camera.

All I have to do is get out of this chair. Like, away from the Web. <grin>

2 Comments to "For Lovin' Art"

  1. DesignerJones says:

    […] « posted in Art May 13, 2005 DesignerJones For some time now, I've felt a growing craving for more art-related expression. I've been been kvetching ( […]

  2. Kim Krause (Cre8pc) says:

    Diane, grab that camera! If you won't do it for yourself, then by all means, do it for me!

    Country girl stuck in HER chair whose day begins and ends in jeans or sweat pants. And some lipstick, for a "splash of color."

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