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Not exactly about web design and SEO, but Aaron Wall's excellent seobook.com blog featured an article entitled How do I Become an SEO?. From the article:

If you sell SEO services most people who want to buy SEO services want services which can not be done at the prices they are willing to pay unless you do things that will damage their brand. Stay away from bad customers. If you can create passive income streams they will pay you just as much as bad customers do while requiring far less work.

Substitute "web design" for "SEO" and you'll see how the advice applies to web designers as well. Excellent advice. In addition to Jeffrey Zeldman's Don't Design on Spec, I'd add one more: don't bid on price — sell quality.

2 Comments to "Web Design and SEO"

  1. teli says:

    So true. I'm shifting a bulk of my work to search engine marketing and a few other "passive income streams" myself…

  2. DianeV says:

    Sorry I missed this, Teli. (Where are my manners?)

    Are you talking about pay-per-click? Ah … Adsense?

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