Microsoft IE7 to Implement Web Standards?

From a tip at cre8asiteforums, C|Net reports in Microsoft yielding to IE standards pressure?:

Microsoft has kept mum about any possible standards or feature upgrades that might accompany the security improvements. … But a source familiar with Microsoft's plans confirmed a Tuesday report on MicrosoftWatch that IE developers, who have code-named their project Rincon, are at work on non-security features and standards support, including tabbed browsing, support for IDN (Internationalized Domain Names), improved support for CSS 2 (Cascading Style Sheets) and PNG (Portable Network Graphics) transparencies. …
MicrosoftWatch also reported that IE 7 will include a built-in news aggregator based on RSS, or Really Simple Syndication.

This would be incredible news for web designers, who can move forward a little more easily with CSS implementation. Given that some of us design websites commercially for clients, that means ensuring that we design to support the browsers used by our clients' clients. This excellent news couldn't have come soon enough, given that many or most non-Web people don't know what the word "browser" means, and therefore that one could use a browser different than whatever came on their computer systems upon purchase.

One wonders, though, what "improved support for CCS 2" and "based on RSS" might mean.

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