Dinos and DNA

The NYTimes reports that a dinosaur skeleton discovered in Montana contains soft tissue. This is apparently "exciting":

They said the extraction of DNA for studies of dinosaur genetics and cloning experiments was only a long shot.

but …

"If we have tissues that are not fossilized, then we can potentially extract DNA. It's very exciting."

Yeah, yeah. I'm excited already. But before you too get excited, we're not talking about cloning what look like cute baby horses here:

"A 70-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex recently discovered in Montana …"

Geez. Have these people been stuck in the lab too long? Has Jurassic Park somehow evaded their radar?

Scientists have brought us many nice things. They've also foisted off on us the atom bomb, and now are "excited" about cloning a T-Rex. You know, there are times to keep one's excitement solely in one's imagination, particularly when it's a matter of ethics and the survival of your fellow man. There is that, you know.

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