Google Sandbox and the Patent

On-point discussion at cre8asiteforums.com regarding a delayed-publication Google patent and the much-theorized Google sandbox. Interestingly, the patent suggests a number of elements to determine both the age of a website and whether the website itself is "valid" — that is, not a doorway or throwaway domain — thus leaning towards validating the "if/else" senario I'd theorized.

In programmer terms, if/else is a set of instructions that take into account more than one scenario: if A is true, then do X. If A is not true, then do something else (that's the "else"). You can string a long set of "ifs" together … which explains both why some sites land in the sandbox as well as why it's been difficult to sort out precisely what combination of circumstances cause sites to get sandboxed.

Of course, that's too obvious for words.

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  1. DianeV says:

    Some recent forum threads:

    Cre8asiteforums: Of Sandboxes and Toolbars: Google's New Patent Application — breakdown discussion of the patent application.

    Search Engine Watch: Does New Google Patent Validate Sandbox Theory? — points out that the patent application was filed by Google employees rather than Google, and that it may be a way to cover all bases in the event they'd want to use the patent.

    Threadwatch: Google's War on SEO – Documented

    SEOmoz.org: Google's Patent: Information Retrieval Based on Historical Data.

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