The Big Email Address Change

Or, I really mean it this time

When I set up our DianeV.com commercial website back in '99, I opted (cleverly, so I thought) to use an info@ email address, thinking it was pretty descriptive and thus user-friendly. Worse, I posted it on the website. Years later, it's the recipient of piles of spam both because info@ is so common as to be generic — and thus used by spammers in any case — and because spammerbots picked it up off the site 'way back when. I'm sure email spammers are making small a fortune selling CDs with my email address to each other.

Over a year ago, I switched to less obvious email addresses and replaced all email addresses on our sites with email forms. Then I sent out email address change notifications (to everyone, I hoped, in February 2004) and since then have been quarantining that email on our server, scanning it every few days. Unfortunately, every time I think I can drop the old info@, I get an important email. <sigh>

And, unfortunately but fortunately very occasionally, people who sent email to the info@ email address at dianev.com are just Web-unsophisticated enough not to recognize that they can go to dianev.com to contact us.

At any rate, I no longer think it's worth our time to scan a megabyte of spam every few days in order to discover one important email every three to four months. It's been over year. I'm gonna dump info@. Really.

My one concern is that I don't really want a megabyte of bounced email zinging around the Web every few days; I'd much rather just dev/null it (send it to the virtual garbage pail) … but that would leave legitimate senders without notification that their email wasn't received.

So, this is what I'm going to do: dump info@ and let it bounce.

So … if you're out there, darlins, and your email to me bounces, you probably have my current email address in your inbox somewhere, or you can send email via the DianeV.com or developedtraffic.com contact pages.

What a hassle, eh?

2 Comments to "The Big Email Address Change"

  1. teli says:

    I feel your pain. I had to change my email way back when too, and to be honest – I notified everyone 3 times (which seemed like a safe number), disabled the email address, then set all future emails to fail – and you know what? Since that day, I've never looked back.

    I figure, if their message is super important, they'll find a way to contact me…via phone, via my website, or via the new email address.

    So far, no complaints that I know about :)

  2. DianeV says:

    LOL! And it's the "no complaints that I know about" that concerns me with regard to what was in effect my company's first email address. Still, I just know I'm gonna do it. Soon. <grin>

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