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Just a quick thought: I'm an avid reader, and follow links from one site to the next. But occasionally I end up upon on someone's blog and wondered who was writing it. Sometimes you're lucky enough to get a name (maybe just a first name), but no further information. A little information about the blog writer would be helpful. :-)

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  1. Ian says:

    While my DNS servers are rerouting and my site may not be available for 24 hours or so, writing a 'colophon' page was one of the most enjoyable additions to my site in awhile. It always put it off thinking it was silly and because I didn't know what to include but now I'm glad I added it because you build 'community' that way…I've enjoyed your site for quite awhile now; thanks!

  2. teli says:

    Well, in defense of some blog authors – it may be an anonymous blog. I know I personally have one…or are you just looking for any 'ole name, even a pseudonym?

  3. DianeV says:

    Ian — and a witty colophon it is, too. Had me chuckling! Love that understated (or is it deadpan?) humor.

    Teli — I'm thinking that yours is a different situation (yes, I read your blog). The lack of an "About" page is (will be?) on purpose. I was thinking that a page that basically says "I'm not saying" might be helpful but, on the other hand, you'd have to make sure it didn't mirror too much what you said on your first blog.

    In any case, I was speaking in general and from the viewpoint of website usability. I've seen a few blogs that *apparently* were not intended to be anonymous. It may have been that the blog software didn't provide for separate pages outside of the article-posting scenario. Still, unless intentional, it's an oversight.

  4. teli says:

    ah – I see. Actually, my anonymous blog does have an "About" page – it doesn't say who I am, but it gives a brief overview of why the website is there…

    I think most bloggers think that people will find them again through their website name and that most people reading will figure out who they are from the postings (i.e. the posted by: Yoda) – but I definitely get your point…I've come across a few blogs where I'd like to know who the author was.

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