Adobe to acquire Macromedia

ABC News reports that Adobe to Acquire Macromedia in $3.4B Deal. That would certainly be a conglomeration of web design software.

Combining the two businesses, the companies said, will allow them to create more powerful software programs that can be used across multiple operating systems, which should pave the way for expansion into new markets.

Good enough. What this means for Macromedia customers is a good question. Macromedia's Dreamweaver, Contribute, Flash, Fireworks and ColdFusion are extremely popular. On a not-enough-coffee-yet day, I wonder whether Adobe will be, for instance, ditching Dreamweaver in favor if its own GoLive product? I hope not; I've found Dreamweaver MX 2004 to be an excellent product that makes many tasks easier and, well, more pleasant. I don't want to switch.

That said, Adobe has excellent, state-of-the-art products too. I'm simply hoping that, as with Macromedia's purchase of Allaire (with its HomeSite program), Adobe will not "ditch" the Macromedia products in favor of its own, though it looks like they're looking to integrate products, which both have done quite well on their own in the past:

"Customers are calling for integrated software solutions that enable them to create, manage and deliver a wide range of compelling content and applications from documents and images to audio and video," said Bruce Chizen, chief executive officer of Adobe.

Being a practical person, I'm thinking that if you haven't already bought whatever Macromedia products you want for the time being, I'd say: whatever you're going to buy, buy now.

» Adobe's press release

2 Comments to "Adobe to acquire Macromedia"

  1. Mikael Gyth says:

    I sure hope dreamweaver continues to exist, atleast in essence. I use it every day in my work, and that auto finish thing makes it all so much faster.

    Anyway it would be nice to se the kind of internal communication between photoshop and DW/flash, there is between DW and flash today. That would sure speed thing up a bit.

    It's going to be exciting to see what they come up with, anf well just jave to keep our fingers crossed.

  2. teli says:

    I still want to cry each time I read about this whole Adobe/Macromedia deal…

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