Working with WordPress 1.5

We're utilizing WordPress 1.5 for part of our (top secret)(exciting) new project. WP 1.5 utilizes a template system based on includes — but rather than the usual PHP include syntax, the includes are apparently called from within WordPress itself, making the software run *very* quickly. Or, at least, that's my take on why it's so fast, since the use of includes normally results in a noticable (if not long) delay in page delivery.

I hesitated over switching from 1.2.2 but, after reading Eric Meyer's review of WordPress 1.5 a day or so ago, thought I'd try it (a strange tactic when steamrolling through a brand new project).

I'm nearly done with the site and, so far, I haven't had to use one hack. A plugin or two, to be sure, and a bit of futzing with *where* things will appear in the templates and certainly how they look, but no hacking into the core WordPress files. As Eric (whom I don't know, and I hope he'll forgive for not calling him "Mr. Meyer") puts it:

That's why I've changed the site footer, which used to say I was using a copy of WP that I'd "hacked like it was attacking my family". That's no longer the case.

Indeed. This one looks like a keeper. (And doncha love that quote? <grin>)

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