Opera 8 Revisited

Having used Opera 8 (my review) for about a week now, I have to say that the internal RSS feeds reader — and the fact that Opera's little slide-up notification alerts you to new posts from those feeds on whatever schedule you've assigned — I'm not sure how I got along without it. And the fact that I can read those posts (or excerpts) within the browser, and click the included link to visit the site? Love it.

As well, while the pop-up blocker of course works, Opera 8 goes pop-up blockers one further — another slide-up notification lets you know that a pop-up has been blocked and gives you a link to click to open the pop-up. Sound unnecessary? Okay, but what about product enlargement links at e-commerce sites when pop-ups are blocked? Instead of leaving you to figure out why the link's not working, Opera does the politely usable thing: alerts you and provides you with a handy link to open it, and all without resetting your Preferences to unblock pop-ups.

Wait until you see the Trash can: it lists not only your surfing history for your current session, but also what pop-ups were blocked, and then empties it when you close the browser.

There are good browsers out there. There are functional browsers. But this … this is one elegant browser.

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