Designer JonesFor some time now, I've felt a growing craving for more art-related expression. I've been been kvetching (complaining) about it for months but had been unsure of a direction in which to take it. Then, while sorting through a small pile of "important stuff " a few weeks ago, there it was — just a little notation I'd scribbled on some marketing notes around September of last year:


DesignerJones is my new online mag, intended simply as a place to feature things design- and style-related, to appreciate neat stuff we've found, for detailed analysis and/or just plain gushing about stuff that's gorgeous, well designed, or simply well executed and admirable in its effectiveness. Great restaurants and food. Stunning stores and little neighborhood shops where they treat you nicely just because that's how they do it there. Girl stuff; guy stuff. Some interviews of other artists (one's in the pipeline already). Hopefully we do it with some style and panache, and are effective in communicating our enthusiam for aesthetic works. And — yep — it's slightly wider than 800×600, and I'm counting somewhat on broadband. Foolish moi?

Of course, a site like DesignerJones.com simply cannot be as effective without pictures. Rather than fill it full of (admittedly gorgeous) stock photography, this means I've been using some of my "free" time to finally read the manual for our 5 mega-pixel Sony Cybershot — as much it looks like "point and click" heaven, for me, cameras simply aren't altogether intuitive. Learning how to "light" scenes is another matter altogether; as with interior decoration, lighting is a big part of the picture.

I won't be abandoning either this site or our web design studio. Those feed the creative urge, too.

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