Google and Website Owners

Since Google doings are of interest to website owners and site publishers, there's a thread a Threadwatch entitled Publishers vs Google – Backlash Brewing. In particular, read down to lots0's summary.

3 Comments to "Google and Website Owners"

  1. Eric Hamilton says:

    As Google still delivers 48% of all search traffic, followed closely by Yahoo, and not so closely by MSN Search, I must say that for a business, trying to opt out of the Google index would be akin to telling half your customers to go Yahoo! themselves.

  2. DianeV says:

    :) I have to agree with you there, Eric. Though the numbers can skew back and forth, I'm not seeing how banning a major search engine (let alone *the* major search engine) is workable.

  3. Eric Hamilton says:

    Another little note:

    In order for a political movement to gain a lot of momentum, it needs to gain visibility, and, as I mentioned already, you're most visible if you're indexed by Google. Of course, the alternative is to get a whole lot of high-traffic blogs and news sources buzzing about what you're doing.

    Easier said than done. For those thinking of following in silent protest, that's something to keep in mind. Protest should never be too silent…

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