The Extra Large Mac Monitors

Yesterday we had an opportunity to see a full-Mac office setup. After the oohing and ahhing over Apple's 23 inch flat panel monitor — well after — I realized that this screen lets you see. It's about two feet wide, and a foot deep. The higher priced model is 30 inches wide (and $2999). It's amazing how much bigger these screens are.

What it means is that, say, Photoshop and Dreamweaver can be open side by side. Got a screen color picker that can pick from anything on the screen? No switching back and forth.

No, I'm hardly considering going all-Mac, nor dealing with the smaller amount of third party software available for the Mac; I'm just looking at the larger monitor screen. I understand that this monitor can be hooked up to a PC, in which case I'd have a few questions.

First, most people have CRT monitors, and flat panel screens seem to display a little brighter and richer than CRTs, so I think it's important to see what most people see rather than having to design by estimating color. Therefore, I'd need to know that a two-monitor system Windows could have both the Mac and a regular CRT monitors, and without either going bonkers. I'm suspecting that this is true.

It's also important to note that Windows systems display at 96dpi (yes, it's true; years ago, someone wrote that the Windows display was 72dpi and, I believe, that Mac was 96dpi, and that misinformation has stuck). Windows actually displays at 96dpi. If you're on a Windows PC, see Control Panel > Display > Settings > Advanced. If your system is set to display Small Fonts, it's at 96dpi as verified in that panel. Thus, I'm wondering what differences in display this would make on a Mac monitor hooked up to a Windows machine, though it may not matter with the dual-screen setup.

I hear that these Mac monitors are actually high density television screens. I'd wonder whether that meant I could watch television on it while designing. One wishes.

Well, back to work. Glad I wasn't looking at Ferraris yesterday. <grin>

4 Comments to "The Extra Large Mac Monitors"

  1. teli says:

    Photoshop and Dreamweaver can be open side by side.

    And I'm now licking the drool from my lips…does that make me a bonafide geek yet?

  2. DianeV says:

    Oh, darlin', I think you passed the geek entry test a while ago, but maybe didn't notice it. <grin>

  3. Eric Hamilton says:

    I've been drooling over those things since I first saw one up close in a friend's recording studio. It was a thing of beauty — you could see 48 tracks of audio knob goodness without scrolling! It was an awakening. Why have we tortured ourselves for so long with dinky screens?

    I'm saving my pennies…

  4. DianeV says:

    That's exactly where I saw it; well, there were two of them. The other (and this was a 25-inch screen) allowed … well, lots of stuff on the screen.

    My computer network guru says all I need is a second video card so that I can *also* have my 19-inch CRT hooked up to the same machine. Sounds like heaven.

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