Thanks to the WordPress Guys

I was sorry to see NuclearMoose step down from the WordPress forums (and apparently from the Web altogether). It can be tough being a moderator. Particularly in the WordPress forums, where the participants span from knowledgeable folk to those very new to any kind of Web coding.

A default WordPress installation can be difficult for the uninitiated. Given that WordPress is a decently complex piece of software that lets you get under the hood, requires at least some knowledge of mySQL, PHP, Web Standards CSS and (for some implementations) mod_rewrite, and that a lot of third-party plugins and explanations are spread around the Web, messing with altering even the look of a WordPress site is something to contend with.

The only other solution — that I can think of — is either to have someone else install and design for you, or to opt for a hosted blogging solution which automates and/or limits changes.

Given also that people are different, that people can be excitable, and that people who (not casting blame here) aren't familiar with the technology and don't know enough to come quickly up to speed can become even more excitable and even desperate in their need for help, the folks who man the WordPress forums have a lot to contend with. Throw in an abiding feeling that WordPress is something to which one should lend support, the kinds of knowledge and hours required to provide that support, and the occasional arguments and heated "political" issues that crop up, and it's easy to see how WP forums moderators may or could come to feel put upon. Even if that is not why NuclearMoose left. It's a tough job.

There are plenty of people who moderate at forums around the Web. Even though everyone's time comes at a premium, it pays to realize that they're doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, that they're almost undoubtedly doing it for free, that anyone's lack of knowledge is not the fault of forum moderators — but that brusqueness and demanding-ness can certainly be misunderstood. Bottom line is that the typed word doesn't include the usual social niceties unless you put them there.

Lack of appreciation for one's contributions is an ugly thing. So, if I have never said so, though I believe I have, here's a word of thanks to all the people at WordPress and the WordPress forums. Thanks Matt, Ryan, Podz, NuclearMoose and the rest of the regulars and crew. I hope I haven't left anyone out but, if I have, this includes you, too.

One Comment to "Thanks to the WordPress Guys"

  1. All Narfed Up says:

    Take care Moose
    Craig (NuclearMoose) left the internet. He's right in basically all his statements about WordPress. I don't frequent the forums, except for an occassional problem.
    …a pause and retooling of the WordPress community resources are long…

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