FTC Lonely Housewives Lawsuit

Adweek posts that FTC Sues 'Lonely Housewives' Spam Ring. Hopefully this will mean less or no stupid and terminally boring "lonely housewives" spam landing in anyone's email box. A good thing. [Thanks MarketingVox]

On the other hand, it was also noted that:

The FTC said the group used compromised computer networks to send the spam and obscure its source.

So compromised computers obviously can be and are used to nefarious ends, such as sending "lonely housewives" spam to the world.

I guess this is a good time to mention that all anti-virus and anti-whatever programs are not equal — not hardly — and that virus.gr has issued the results of its latest heavy-duty anti-virus program test.

One Comment to "FTC Lonely Housewives Lawsuit"

  1. Jennifer Starr says:

    They need to sue them again, and for more money this time. I'm still getting their spam.

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