Yahoo Toolbar and Macromedia Flash Cookies

Two threads at Threadwatch:

As I posted at Threadwatch:

I can see it now: "90% of computers have Flash installed"; users are getting pretty hip about deleting cookies; Flash now can install Flash-based cookies that aren't visible in your normal cookie file and (so far as I know) can only be removed at the Macromedia site; the Flash player now comes bundled with the Yahoo toolbar. Anyone see a picture here? :)

So, what's the story here? Pure speculation guesses that Macromedia is doing an end run around user cookie deletion. I really hope that isn't true. Follow the money says … hmmm.

And check out the Flash Settings (Cookie) manager. You may have cookies that you don't know about and can't get rid of through your normal browser cookie deletion features.

Tsk tsk.

3 Comments to "Yahoo Toolbar and Macromedia Flash Cookies"

  1. Flash cookies, another way to track you says:

    […] bsp;10:51 am by Dan, posted in General   My good friend Diane V. notified me of an article she wrote on Flash cookies as a way to install data […]

  2. david hendrix says:

    well every time i try to use my email that i keeps say that the cookie is rejected

  3. DianeV says:

    Okay, David. I'm not sure I'm following what you're saying. Are you saying that your Yahoo email requires a cookie? If so, do you have cookies enabled in your browser?

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