Dear Blog Spammer

Thank you for visiting developedtraffic.com in the wee hours this morning. First, you were sending blogspam comments from elsewhere by accessing my comments file. When I changed the name of the file (which should have been your first clue), you switched to trackbacks and — gasp! — actually visiting the site and finding old articles upon which to post your (for want of a better word) comments. How desperate is that?

So. Let's review a few things, most notably, the statement above the comment form on every one of our permanent link pages:

Comments are moderated due to spammer abuse.

Since the meaning of that statement apparently went past you, what it means is that comments don't get posted without our reviewing them — meaning that your spam won't get posted no matter what or how many. And — guess what! — I get an email for every comment, trackback or pingback, so your attempts didn't go unnoticed, although it appears that my noticing you was not noticed by you. Somehow that is not surprising. <wink> And so, you missed my modification while you were still busy pestering my site, looking for old articles upon which to post a link to your amazing-news-of-the-moment. That modification was:

Comments and trackbacks are moderated due to spammer abuse.

Hello? One can only shake one's head. You did, however, finally notice when I removed the comment form entirely, and you sadly went away … but not before all of your IP addresses were recorded. If they're really yours. What we can assume — and this is the joke of the whole exercise! — is that the item you were so desperately if lamely trying to promote is somehow tied to you, or your employer.

And that's the worst part. While the particular item that you were attempting to promote is probably a good thing, bear in mind that I will now be associating it with spammer abuse from here on out. That's the wonderful public relations and branding effect your abuse has had on me, a consumer. Someone who might actually have been interested in and can afford that type of product.

Just remember that old marketing adage: abuse people and they'll talk.

4 Comments to "Dear Blog Spammer"

  1. randfish says:

    Diane – Any chance you'll name names? I'd be curious to see who would so persistently spam you. This doesn't sound like the typical drive-by, mahine-automated spambot…

  2. DianeV says:

    Hi Rand. You're right; it doesn't sound like auto-spambot activity, given the vigorousness of his/her pursuit of this blog (that is, that he/she showed up here after being blocked from accessing the comment form externally). I don't know who it was, but the logs show that he used a number of Internet connections:

    – an IP address that traces to Spain
    – two PacBell DSL lines (in San Francisco and Chico
    – four Comcast (cable?) addresses (in California, Washington, Illinois and Maryland)
    – an ameritech.net DSL line
    – an aol.com account
    – an comhem.se address
    – a mundo-r.com address

    I think that's all of them; he just cycled through those, one after another, but always the same ones. Pretty fancy setup; I'm assuming he wasn't at all of those places at once. I guessed that it might be a network of compromised machines, but that isn't a great number of addresses for something like that. What was surprising was that, when blocked, he showed up here. What, did someone tell him he had to get links from this blog?

    I wasn't sure if I should post the actual IPs and addresses (I do have the server resolving IPs to addresses where possible); if you're interested, send me an email.

    And — nice to see you here! I read your blog, too. Often.

  3. IO ERROR says:

    Persistent little you-know-whats. Be careful; you could wind up spending all of your free time just deleting spam. Don't get caught in that trap.

  4. DianeV says:

    Good point (and welcome). I'd heard great things about the Bad Behavior plugin — will check it out.

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