So I am where?

Sorry I haven't been posting as much lately. We've been tending to a ton of web work, and I don't like to repost notices about things I've seen elsewhere unless I really have something to say.

That said, one of the sites we're building is an e-commerce site. Opting for a shopping cart application we'd used before, I was extremely pleased that the software developers had implemented some of the changes I'd suggested. (How cool is that?) I'd guess I was a bit lucky in finding this application before discovering how easy it is to create and manipulate mysql databases with line commands; otherwise, I'd probably be dealing with OSCommerce or something of the sort, and searching forums for help. As some people say (I am far too stylish for this, doncha know): pffft.

Sure, I could do it — like any curious Web person, my grasp of technologies increases: last week it was writing elsif statements into a Perl cgi script; this week, it's changing Indexing features on Web servers. Fun stuff, and useful. Happy clients.

But the thing is that many of us just want a reasonably-easily implemented shopping cart at reasonable cost with good tech support. As head of a market-oriented web design company, sometimes there's just not the time to delve in depth into something. Sure, I wish I could do that at any time: just drop everything and learn something A-Z, or play with my camera for a week, simply because I'm interested. And sometimes I can fit some of that in, but … anyway.

When this project is done, and I get to hit the big "convert to HTML pages" button, I'll do a writeup of the software. These guys (the developers) have been terrific, cool under pressure, and pleasant and very helpful. Decent cost, too. And, dig it: both forum and telephone tech support.

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