Art and Acknowledgment

I was reading Ernie Schenck's article He's Got One Trick To Last A Lifetime but that's all a pony needs at Communication Arts. A worthwhile read, the gist of the article is that sometimes one can get kudos for a particular product/design/whatever, such that one gets a bit stuck in producing anything much different.

Granted, the people he's talking about got industry accolades; granted, the attention and acknowledgement that came from the one product/whatever were a heady, head-turning experience.

Still … it reminded me of people in other arts. Film, in particular, or music: where a band may have a mega-hit album or CD, and then get rather stuck in exploring further. Luckily, sometimes that doesn't happen. Sometimes, one thinks, they're in it for the creativity. Just because they must.

There's a certain daringness in being an artist. It's not just about repetition.

Or being safe.

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