Book Baton

Through a thoroughly roundabout route, I discovered that Dave Child had passed me a book baton. I have no idea where this started, but I'll guess I'm to answer the same questions Dave did. (If he's late, then I'm beyond late. Not so much stylishly, but shockingly, late.)

er of books on the shelf:

Well, from here, it looks like many dozens, with other packed away.

Last book purchased:

Ah! One I can answer: SitePoint's Build Your Own Database Driven Website with PHP and MySQL.

Book I'm reading right now:

Okay, here's where it starts to get sticky, and why I've hesitated to write this. Dave has forced me <grin> to admit that I'm one of those few people who would far rather read on a screen than on paper. So … I'll say again, SitePoint's Build Your Own Database Driven Website with PHP and MySQL. Not so currently, though.

Now, if I were asked what I'm reading lately, that's another set of answers. Design theory. Search engine tidbits. Technical stuff. Truly: DVDs and computers do it for me.

Also a 145-page e-book about some particular classified ads software. The user manual. Excited yet?

Last 5 books read:

See answer above. Read in what year?

Books that mean a lot to me:

When I was a kid, David and the Phoenix. Later, I liked some of the sentiment (and wit) of Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land. Then there were others. There are always others, are there not?

Passing this along to:

  1. Lynn Cameron
  2. And three more people who won't see this, or will hesitate at being too shockingly late. <grin>

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