Dreamweaver vs. GoLive

This post from the Macromedia forums is a brief review of Dreamweaver vs. GoLive — since I can't seem to link to the exact post, it's the ninth post down (by Lawrence TMM):

GoLive plays directly to Adobe's current core market — for-print and traditional media designers. To do this they focus on making the whole web design experience as code free as possible. They have actually done a decent job of this, and some of the CSS improvements they have done for CS2 are pretty cool. In all, a Designer can crank out a respectable web site using GoLive CS2. The key word here is Designer.

Now, if you are more of a serious web Designer/Developer, that is you care about what your code looks like and you don't fear code but are learning it and don't want to be insolated from it. Or, even more so, you are a developer and create dynamic web sites, GoLive is not a good choice, at all. For all the reasons a code-fearing or indifferent designer would like GoLive, a more advanced web designer/developer will come to be very dissatisfied with it.

And yes, knowing your code pretty much cold is ideal. I hand-coded for years (following learning via WYSIWYG, yes). Eventually, being also a visual designer, I appreciated seeing what I was coding in its visual form, which is when I eventually turned to Dreamweaver.

I like it's site management functionality.

And the fact that DW has a split-screen mode; code at the top and a reasonably browser-like design view at the bottom. And that you can click anywhere on the page in design view and find your cursor at precisely that section of the code. For anyone who's ever had to scroll loads of code to find the right section, it's helpful.

Not saying it's the best way or the only way; just a good way for me right now.

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