A new look at MojoMail – DadaMail

Some years ago, we used DadaMail (formerly MojoMail, a better name, I think, but …) for email newsletters. Due to scheduling constraints, we switched to blogs, but it's really not the same thing, is it?

I just took a new look at DadaMail, and am impressed with the new features. They're up to Version 2.10 … but DadaMail version 2.9 enables input of what looks to be fairly sophisticated HTML coding (even right out of Dreamweaver), and RSS/Atom! As with earlier versions, the emails can be archived online for public access, and even re-sent through DadaMail. And, as with earlier versions, you can send via your email program, all emails can have automatic unsubscribe links (so subscribers can control their own subscriptions), utilize your own template and images, and single- and double-opt out.

Version 2.10: I believe the buttons for rich formatting (bold, etc.) are new. As always, as Justin (DadaMail's creator) says, " No duplicates will be sent out – we took care of that. You can also turn on Global Unsubscribing and have a Global Blacklist – but nothing more to think about, it all works behind the scenes. Take a rest…"

AND — clickthrough tracking: "Dada Mail's Clickthrough Tracker (a part of the Magicbook) – once only able to track specific links in email messages, has been turbocharged.
Now, track message opens, how many subscribers you have when each message is sent out and even bounces." Nice.

As I said, I've been a fan of Mojo/DadaMail for about five years. And I found the name of the "Mystery Girl" plugin charming.

One Comment to "A new look at MojoMail – DadaMail"

  1. Adrian Lee says:

    Hey Diane, thanks for the heads up on this, the syndication thing sounds realy good, we're running 2.18 I think it is, so going to look into upgrading for that feature alone!

    I hadn't realised you could send from other email programs as well, something I'm looking into right now….

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