Thank you, Verio

What a week. We'd only just moved (which, in the best circumstances we could muster, went fairly smoothly, but still …) when Hurricane Wilma hit. Yes, we're in Los Angeles, but some of our clients were hosted at the Verio shared hosting facility in Boca Raton. One in particular has an upcoming critically time-sensitive event, just when the email went down. And stayed down. Then it was up, and then down.

Verio — and we understand that the Boca Raton data center is housed within a hurricane bunker — was doing it's level best, but were dealing with huge winds, no electricity and generator issues.

No can be, so I spent the better part of a day setting up a new virtual private server for them at another Verio facility, transferring files and (of course) the database. In the meantime, the bit of help I needed from Verio was delivered, as always, with efficiency, good humor and grace. And a particular tech from viaVerio (the reseller line) managed to help me speed up a particular sequence from what would have taken at least a day to less than an hour.

Verio, kudos and kisses to you all. A brilliant service.

Update: Verio makes amends for outage (CNN.com)

"Verio understands the severity of the situation," said Dennis Boyle, chief operating officer for Verio. "We don't want to ask customers to submit credit requests. These customers are important to us. And it's a big deal for us."

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