Opera not reaching the Internet?

I had a strange experience today when suddenly Opera could not reach the Internet. I'd upgraded to Opera 8.51 a few days ago and, as usual, was happily surfing along. Ended up with a lot of windows open, and at a site where, it seemed, the page kept trying to refresh.

The URL displayed by Opera (the page which it was apparently calling or attempting to transfer to?) was http://yoururl.com — though I couldn't see the rest of the URL. The speed of this "refresh" kept increasing, and clicking the "stop" button didn't keep it stopped for very long.

I closed windows and went on about my business … only to find that I couldn't reach the Internet with Opera. Email worked. RSS feeds worked. FTP worked. I disabled JavaScript; nothing. I rebooted; nothing. I reinstalled Opera; no joy. And then I discovered that I could reach the 'Net with other browsers, including earlier versions of Opera.

Good enough, but not really. I guess that everyone prefers the browser of his/her choice (it sounds silly even saying it), so I ended up on the Opera forums (in Firefox <grin>) … where I found the thread Opera won't access Internet; other browsers do.

And there was the clue: check your proxy settings. As it turned out, somehow my proxy settings had been selected instead of left unchecked. I unchecked them, and all is well; Opera 8.51 can reach the 'Net again.

Not sure how this came about or what exactly happened here; this would be one of those things that I'm not familiar with. Though I do find it pretty creepy.

At any rate, may this help someone else, as it took me a while to find the answer.

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