When change comes

What a week. First, Nick sells Threadwatch. Then I read that the Feds allow Adobe and Macromedia to merge.

I can think of zillions of people to whom these events are so far below the radar as to be nonexistent. But Nick's leaving TW to go off on other (ad)ventures means that it may and probably will change, and that fact does seem to have shaken up a few people. And having Adobe acquire Macromedia (or "merge") means that two very different companies upon whom I have counted through my entire Web career for excellent, state-of-the-industry software may … change.

I have always thought that you build something, and it stays there — though it's been hinted to me that that idea is quite ridiculous.

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  1. Phil says:


    I can't agree more. I hope this "Merger" doesn't mean that Adobe will do away with Dreamweaver in favor of GoLive. I really don't like the later, that being said only time will tell. Let's hope for the best.


  2. DianeV says:

    I know what you mean, Phil. I think many people are more than a little nervous about which programs might be dropped for others that do much the same thing.

    I somewhat misspoke in my original post; I've only been using Dreamweaver for a few years now, but find the improvements in DW8 to be well worth the upgrade; the best of which that Macromedia is incorporating what (I think is) a more natural workflow into the tools. I just started using Dreamweaver's internal FTP, and find it a convenient timesaver.

    That said, Adobe too has been improving its products in much the same way as Macromedia. The new Adobe Bridge is a kind of desktop image viewer, but does so much more than that, and is integrated into the Photoshop workflow. I would never have thought of using that type of program, but have found it very convenient … certainly more convenient than viewing images on my machine in any other application.

    So, what do you think? Can we hope? <grin>

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