Adobe – Macromedia Merge

Adobe - Macromedia

Here it is — the logo on Macromedia.com's home page. <sob> It's just so Netscape.

The news is out; Adobe and Macromedia have merged. Whatever that means. Thing is, this isn't Macromedia acquiring Adobe; it's the other way around. I know I'm absolutely not alone in finding this more than a little alarming.

I'm hardly anti-Adobe; I've been a customer for far longer than I've been a Macromedia customer and have loved (and still do) their software. Just not GoLive.

Really, I wish them all well. The only thing I ask is that Adobe not get rid of Dreamweaver in favor of GoLive.

Added: Okay, I'm getting happier:

Are there immediate plans to discontinue any Adobe or Macromedia products?
All products continue to be available for purchase. We are a customer-driven company and, as always, we will continue to evaluate and respond to customer demand to shape our product mix.

Will product release cycles be affected?
In general, product release cycles will not be affected except in cases where we have opportunities to develop enhanced integration features.

Truly, this could be fantastic, or not.

Adobe, talk to us.

Added: John Dowdell's post on his blog. Not exactly an answer, but …

One Comment to "Adobe – Macromedia Merge"

  1. DianeV says:

    This is pretty interesting. Apparently an Adobe rep is responding at timothymartingray.com.

    And here on this blog.

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